Frequently asked questions

Does getting a homeowners insurance quote affect my credit score?

In most states, insurers use credit-based insurance score reports—which is different from your regular credit score—to determine premiums. Insurance companies check credit scores in order to gauge the risk they might undergo because studies have shown that those with lower credit scores are likely to file more claims or have more expensive claims. Insurance companies check credit scores when delivering quotes on a soft pull basis, which is a type of inquiry that will not negatively impact an individual's credit score. These inquiries will be visible on personal credit reports, but they are not visible to lenders and have zero effect on credit score.

A soft inquiry/soft pull allows a creditor to review a person's credit report and credit score to get a sense of how well the person is managing their credit. A soft inquiry can occur even when an individual checks their own credit report.

It is a myth that getting an insurance quote will hurt your credit. Even getting several quotes at once does not affect your score.