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Learn key interior design tips to furnish your home like the professionals, ways to work with what you’ve got, and how to get the money to do it all.

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about 10 home furnishing tips and how to get the money for them

To help buyers keep up with record high home prices, the FHFA is raising the limit on conforming loans—and it could help you save on a home.

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about Conforming loan limits are going up

Rates are still low on the market, and nearly half the homeowners who refinanced have saved over $3,500 a year.

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about Refinancing could save you $300 a month

(Mortgage) knowledge is power in the quest for the perfect home loan. Learn all about jumbo home loan basics in this short and simple-to-follow guide.

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about Go big and get home: jumbo home loan basics and size matters

If you’re looking for a home in a high-cost area or need to refinance a large mortgage balance, you may need a jumbo loan—here’s what you should know to get...

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about What is a jumbo loan?

With property values rising, today’s homeowners are in a good position to refinance with new terms that remove private mortgage insurance.

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about Why rising home values could help you save

Appraisals have a big impact on your ability to buy a home, but can come with some personal bias. Find out how to make sure your appraisal runs smoothly.

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about What you should know about home appraisals

Jumbo loans are mortgage loans that have a higher-than-normal balance. Here's what you need to know about securing this type of financing in 2021.

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about Jumbo loans: Key requirements and qualifications you need to know

See example scenarios of points and in action, to better understand how to make decisions with your own mortgage.

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about Mortgage discount points and their costs to you

Builder confidence is rising, and new construction homes are in high demand. Find out what it takes to navigate the hot competition.

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about More newly built homes may be on the way

Homeowner credit scores are at their highest in 15 years, and with new Fannie Mae rules, they could go further on a refinance application.

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about Homeowner credit scores are at a record high

Jumbos are about the size of the loan, not the size of the home. See what a jumbo loan is, where you might need one, and how to avoid them...

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about Jumbo vs. conforming loans: understanding the differences

Agents who invest in connecting with first-time homebuyers and single borrowers may see increased success in netting clients.

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about Capturing the growing first-time homebuyer market

Buyers should be seeing more options on the market as more than 400,000 homeowners reach the end of forbearance plans this month.

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about Prepare for a wave of new listings this month

Rates are still at September 2020 lows, and a new survey shows that homeowners who refinanced in the last year have saved hundreds per month.

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about Refinancing could save you $500 a month

Rates are close to the lows of September 2020, giving today’s homeowners a chance to save on a refinance before they’re expected to rise.

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about Rates remain low, but could rise from here

Rates are close to the lows of September 2020, giving today’s homebuyers a chance to save on their mortgage before they’re expected to rise.

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about Rates are still low on a new home

Buy first or sell first? Here’s your answer. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each option, the value of a good team, and how to have your cake and...

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about Buying and selling a home at the same time

Worried about extreme weather? You’re not alone. Here’s how to factor natural disasters into your real estate decisions.

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about Can a homebuyer like you outrun climate change?

Learn about real estate commission costs, the process of working with agents, and how to avoid ever paying bloated broker fees.

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about Why you shouldn’t pay real estate commission
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