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What is Better Settlement Services and what does a title company do?

A title company has an important role to play in finalizing any real estate transaction and managing certain aspects of the closing process. They operate as a neutral third party, representing the interests of both buyers and sellers.

One of their main functions is to verify the history and status of a property’s ownership. They do this by conducting a search of public records. A real estate transaction can’t go forward without confirmation from a title company that the current seller has the rights to transfer the title of the property to the buyer. From there the title company guarantees their findings with insurance policies, issued to both the lender and buyer.

Better Settlement Services (BSS) is a national title and settlement services provider and an affiliated company of Better Mortgage. BSS works closely with Better Mortgage throughout your loan process and will provide a mobile notary or attorney (depending on your state) to allow you to close on your schedule.

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