Could you make a Better Offer?

Find out how you can make an offer as competitive as cash.

The Better Offer

The Better Offer helps buyers win bidding wars in competitive markets and access discounts in less competitive markets. By understanding how much you can borrow and how much the property is worth, you can waive contingencies and be as competitive as cash.

How it works

1. Better financing

Find out how much house you can afford in three minutes.

2. Find a home

Find your dream home on your own or through one of our vetted agents, who can guide you through the process.

3. Verified Pre-Approval

Apply for a Verified Pre-Approval letter, which fully underwrites your assets, income, and debts. This is fully digitized and completely free.

4. Pre-Offer appraisal

Provide your address and we provide your home’s value before you make an offer. We either use our proprietary digital appraisal process or send an appraiser from our curated appraisal panels.

5. Commitment letter

Qualified buyers receive a commitment letter that insures their earnest money deposit up to $50,000, should the deal fall through due to financing.

6. The negotiation

You make a smart, informed offer based on the true value of your home. You may waive financing and appraisal contingencies, based on the market and your agent’s recommendation.

7. Offer accepted

Better closes in as little as 9 days.

Terms and conditions apply. [See terms here.](

Had a great experience with Better Mortgage... Definitely did not feel like I was being sold a product and was provided with a great first time buyer option... From the pre-approval letter to closing, nothing but positive things out of Better Mortgage, truly lived up to its name.

The process was so painless and streamlined that we were able to close in 21 days! It has been a pleasure working with you!

We promised the developer/seller a fast close which was another reason our offer came out on top! Thank you Better Mortgage!

Discover what you can afford in just 3 minutes.