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Verified Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter

Better Mortgage’s Verified Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter is the first of its kind: 100% digital, underwriter-reviewed, and completely free. With our automated technology, you can quickly learn exactly how much you are qualified to borrow and gain the confidence of a cash buyer. Our VPAL is an easy way to make your offer stand out and convince sellers you're a committed buyer.

How it works


Better financing

Find out how much house you can afford in three minutes.


Find a home

Start the search for your dream home on your own or with one of our vetted agents, who can guide you through the process.


Get Verified

Apply for a Verified Pre-Approval letter, which fully underwrites your assets, income, and debts. The application process is fully digitized and takes only 20 minutes.


Make an offer

Thanks to your Verified Pre-Approval Letter, you can make an offer with the confidence of knowing you’re fully underwritten. You’ll also be showing sellers that you’ve gotten Better Mortgage’s seal of approval, making your bid that much more competitive.


Closed in 16 Days! We were purchasing a home in a hot Seattle market so having the verified letter from Better Mortgage was a big plus!

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Their entire tech-enabled process enabled us to pounce immediately on the right opportunity, from a near real-time pre-approval letter we could present on through to the ability to close very fast.

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From the pre-approval letter to closing, nothing but positive things out of Better Mortgage, truly lived up to its name. Thanks again for everything.

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