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Frequently asked questions

I received a postcard asking me to call a toll-free number about an important matter regarding my mortgage with Better. Did Better Mortgage send this?

No. Better Mortgage never sends postcards to discuss important matters regarding a mortgage you have closed with us. And we will never share sensitive information (such as a mortgage identification number or account number) on an unsealed postcard.

However, when a borrower closes on a mortgage—regardless of which lender they borrowed from—they may be contacted by companies who obtained the borrower’s information from public sources. Often these solicitations are in the form of a postcard. Occasionally they may use wording to suggest it was sent from your lender.

Better Mortgage never sends postcards that include:

  • a “Mortgage authentication phrase” or “Mortgage identification number”
  • fine print stating that the sender is not affiliated with Better Mortgage
  • a toll-free number that is not listed on the Better Mortgage website

    Postcards or mail sent to you by Better Mortgage will always include the Better Mortgage logo.

    We’re happy to answer any questions you have about postcards or mail that references your mortgage with us. Contact us by phone at (415 ) 523-8837 or email at hello@better.com.