Rates for home purchase

Assumptions: Purchasing a $500k home in Elgin, IL with 20% down...
FixedBetter rateAPROne-time costsPer month
30-year fixed rate3.750%3.750%$2,448$1,852
20-year fixed rate3.625%3.625%$832$2,346
15-year fixed rate3.125%3.125%$1,172$2,786
AdjustableBetter rateAPROne-time costsPer month
7/1 adjustable rate3.375%3.839%$2,100$1,768
5/1 adjustable rate3.250%3.894%$2,580$1,741
10/1 adjustable rate3.625%3.865%$1,700$1,824

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Rates and fees as of Saturday, September 23, 2017, 5:21 AM EDT
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