Better Price Guarantee

If we can’t beat a competitor’s price, we’ll give you $1000

If you think another lender has a more competitive price, send us their loan estimate within one business day from the date on the loan.

99% of our users find that we get them the best rate

You shouldn't have to pay for someone else's inefficiencies. We use technology and data to ensure that our loans are free of risk, making them more valuable than other less-certain loans. We then pass these savings along to you directly, and remove all fees and commissions, too.

Better Mortgage Pre-Approval on Mobile Device

Compare estimates to see for yourself

It’s one thing to compare rates and prices, but it’s another to see what it all means when it’s added together and packaged up into a monthly payment. We’ll help you compare loan options and show you that Better Mortgage really is the best.

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Superb! Lowest closing cost plus the easiest, fastest service around.

LuisBetter Mortgage borrower

Awesome company, competitive rates, and convenient process!

DianaBetter Mortgage borrower

Unbeatable rate, low closing costs, outstanding web interface.

RobertBetter Mortgage borrower