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24 hours

For qualified borrowers, we can deliver an underwriter-reviewed letter in a day.


Nearly half our customers use automated underwriting outside traditional banking hours.


This service is free and comes with no strings attached.

3 minutes

In just three minutes you can get an initial estimate of what you can afford.

11 days

Thanks to the verified pre-approval letter, one customer was able to go from letter to funded loan in just 11 days.


Our verified pre-approval letter is the first of its kind: digitized, underwriter-reviewed, and available in 24 hours.

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Home purchase in Hamden, CT
The verified pre-approval process was very quick, which enabled me to put in an offer the same day I started the pre-approval process. Another offer came in right after mine, so I would have lost the house if the process took longer.
Bruno & Sabrina
Home purchase in San Francisco, CA
Being able to get pre-approved through really gave us a significant advantage over other buyers, the seller felt much more confident working with us.

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Better qualifies your ability to borrow for your dream home by having underwriters review your assets, income, and debt before you shop.

Check out our reviews

At Better we're hoping to create more certainty in a very volatile and stressful process,” Low added. “Our Verified Pre-Approval Letter increases the certainty the customer will be able to get a loan from us because we underwrite the borrower's income, assets and credit based on documentation provided or extracted from a valid third party dataset, not just the stated values.

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