Lucy Randall

Improving your debt to income ratio (DTI) when applying for a mortgage

When I talk to customers about getting a mortgage, they’re often concerned about their credit score, which is an indicator of their ability to pay back loans and can affect the rates they’ll be able to get. While credit scores are certainly important, what they often don’t know is that another number,...

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Mike D’Ambrosio

Leveraging RSU income for your mortgage: underwriting in the 21st century

Mike D'Ambrosio, Head of Underwriting at Better At Better, we work with customers who work at places like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Oracle, or other publicly traded technology companies. Many of these employees are compensated in part through restricted stock units, or RSUs. In a nutshell, these are shares of stock that “vest” over time – the...

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Sathi Roy

Don't take the bait! Here's the reality of refi rates

If you’re looking to refinance your mortgage, you’ve probably checked an online rate table comparing rates from different lenders. But often, the rates at the top of the tables may not be an accurate representation of what you’ll actually get – or how competitive those lenders’ pricing actually is. We sent two members...

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Shawn Low

How to get a better mortgage

Built for speed, designed to put you in control We’ve gotten rid of unfair commission structures and created a straightforward online mortgage experience, so getting financing for a home is faster, more affordable, and completely transparent. Going shopping? Get a Verified Pre-Approval Letter in 24 hours or less We’ll determine exactly how much...

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Vishal Garg

When a 3-5% down payment isn't a risk

Vishal Garg, Better Founder and CEO, demystifies the low down payment mortgage. Becoming a homeowner is a huge milestone in many people’s lives, but it can be hard to know when you’re ready. At Better, we've found that many people don't take the next step because of how daunting it can seem to...

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