Frequently asked questions

Why choose Better Mortgage?

When you work with us, you get a team that’s committed to providing a fast, transparent digital mortgage experience backed by the friendliest customer support.

As a Better Mortgage customer, you can expect:

A personalized rate quote in under 5 seconds

Most traditional lenders use outdated, fragmented technology. We built Better from the ground up to get you the best rate within seconds.

Pre-approval in minutes

When you’re house shopping, a few hours can be the difference between getting your dream home and losing out to the next highest bidder. That’s why we built the latest innovative technology to expedite the pre-approval process so you can find the best loan and also prove to the seller (and your agent) that you’re a serious buyer.

100% online application process

Phew, now you can safely throw your fax machine in the closet with your beeper and your VCR. With Better, you apply, lock a rate, and get your mortgage funded completely online, which means you can log in anytime to see exactly where you are in the process.

A loan officer who never earns commission

Typically, mortgage loan officers get paid ~1% of the total loan amount, which means they’re incentivized to get you the biggest loan, not necessarily the one that’s best for you.

At Better Mortgage, our loan officers don’t get paid commission. Ever.

A support team, not a sales team

Our team is here to answer questions and help you choose the solution that's right for you. That’s it.

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