A surge of new builds may slow rising prices

Published January 12, 2022
by Better

Mortgage News: A Surge Of New Builds May Slow Rising Prices

Here’s a look at the latest developments in the mortgage market this week.

More homes are being built. Will new inventory slow down rising prices?

New home construction spending increased in November, beating its 2020 equivalent by 9.3%. Those new builds are set to wrap up this spring, which should provide the market with fresh inventory and cool down overheated home prices.

The median price of a new single-family home has jumped over $75,000 in one year, reaching $416,900 in November. The reason is two-fold: there is very little existing home inventory, and material prices have spiked. Builders tend to pass that cost onto buyers. In response, the pool of shoppers who can afford a newly built home is shrinking. November saw 14% less new home sales year-over-year, which is well below economist expectations.

Demand may fall further as mortgage rates rise, but with more construction on the horizon in 2022, builders are likely to adjust their prices in response. Though some of that shift depends on existing home inventory, since competition for new homes could increase if it continues at a historical low.

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Line Graph: Month-over-month Private Residential Construction Spending in the United States

Mortgage rates are likely to jump sooner than expected

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Mortgage rates have already begun their expected climb. The 30-year fixed rate average shot up 0.11% to 3.22% last week. It marks a major increase compared to the same week in 2021, when the rate hit its all-time low of 2.65%.

The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, has said they plan to hike rates three to four times over the course of this year. The first hike may be sooner than they originally considered, in order to help the market handle rising inflation and lower-than-expected employment. Moves like this from the Fed directly impact the interest rates banks use, but also tend to shape the landscape for consumers.

Mortgage rates aren’t likely to jump too far above the record low levels seen during the pandemic. Some estimates put the 30-year fixed rate average at 4% by the end of 2022. Better Mortgage analysts are forecasting a rise to 3.75%.

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Ask a Home Advisor: Is winter a good time for house hunting?

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Q: Is winter a good time for house hunting?

A: Absolutely! Your biggest advantage in the winter is that there are fewer people looking for homes. In the summer, sellers tend to hike up their prices to meet the increased demand. You likely have a higher chance of scoring an affordable home in the wintertime.

Faster closing timelines are also a huge advantage. Appraisers and other third parties can get booked up for weeks due to a high volume of summer buyers, so you may close faster in those winter months. At Better Mortgage, the standard closing time is already ten days faster than the industry standard. Plus, your Home Advisor can help make sure you have what you need to speed things up.

Winter shoppers should still be ready for low inventory though, since many homeowners prefer to sell (and move) when the weather is warmer. It all depends on where you’re shopping, and what your biggest priorities are for your new home.

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