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Affordability calculator

Take the first step home

From finding your dream home to closing on it, we make every part of homebuying easier and simpler. A budget is a great place to start. Just plug in your expenses below and see how much house you can afford.

Personal information

First time homebuyer?

ZIP code

Based on where you’re looking, price can change. Interest rates can vary by state and property taxes can change from county to county.

Annual gross income


This is your total income before taxes. If you plan on having a co-borrower, include their income too.

Available assets


This is what you’ll use for your down payment. It can include checking accounts, savings accounts, retirement funds, CDs, and brokerage accounts.

Credit score



This affects your interest rate. A higher score means a better chance of a lower rate. If you have a co-borrower, use the lower score of the two.

Mortgage information

Loan term

This is how long it will take you to pay off your loan. Some mortgages have 15 or 10 year terms, but 30 is most common.

Property usage

Whether you will be using your property to live in, use on the side, or as an investment. Based on what you choose, your loan type and rates can change.

Property type

Does your property have one unit? Are there 2 to 4 units? Or is it a condo? Based on what type of property you have, your loan type may change.

Build your budget

Add in all those other non-mortgage expenses and see what you’ll be spending each month.

Miscellaneous expenses

Monthly minimum debt payment


This includes regular payments like credit cards, student loans, and car payments.



Natural gas, heating, and electric. If you currently rent, this may be included as part of your monthley rent payments so check your lease.

Miscellaneous expenses


Add up what you might normally spend on expenses like internet, food, car payments and insurance, groceries, child alimony, and entertainment every month.



Typically, homeowners set aside between 1-4% of the purchase price of their house for annual maintenance and repairs. The older the house, the higher this percentage should be.

Home improvement


If you expect any major home improvements after you buy, put those here. Things like a kitchen or bathroom remodel can start at $10,000.

Estimated homebuying budget


Requires a downpayment of $0 (0%) and closing cost of $0 on a 0 year at 0.000% (0.000% APR).

Total monthlypayments$0
Principal & interest
Mortgage insurance
Property taxes
Home insurance
Monthly minimum debt payments
Miscellaneous expenses
Maintenance budget
Home improvement

Affordability calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Zip codes are used to estimate property taxes and insurance. Accuracy not guaranteed.

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