What's the fine print for the Better Real Estate discount?

  1. Better Mortgage is offering purchase borrowers to take $2000 in lender credits when the borrower uses a real estate agent referred by Finche, LLC, dba BRE, dba Better Home Services.
  2. Offer is open to conforming loan product customers who have (a) entered a purchase contract on a home using a real estate agent referred by Better Mortgage’s affiliated real estate brokerage, Finche, LLC, dba BRE, Better Home Services and Better Real Estate(“Better Real Estate”); and (b) closed a mortgage loan on said home with Better Mortgage Corporation.
  3. “$2000 in Lender credits” refers to the amount by which your closing costs will be reduced if you use a real estate agent referred by Better Real Estate and choose to Use of the agent must be confirmed by Better Real Estate in a manner satisfactory to Better Mortgage Corporation in its sole discretion prior to issuance of the Closing Disclosure on the loan. The reduced rate will appear on the Closing Disclosure.
  4. Offer is only valid in states where Better Mortgage Corporation is currently originating loans. It includes all conforming loan products on single-family residences, condominiums and PUDs.
  5. Offer is not available for refinances.
  6. To claim offer proceeds you must (1) lock a mortgage loan rate on the purchase of a primary residential property with Better Mortgage; (2) have your use of the Better Real Estate referred agent confirmed by Finche prior to issuance of the Closing Disclosure to the satisfaction of Better Mortgage in its sole discretion; and (3) close on the mortgage loan with Better Mortgage Corporation.
  7. Better Mortgage reserves the right to rescind or modify the terms of this offer without prior notice.