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Frequently asked questions

How do I get pre-approved for a Jumbo Loan with Better Mortgage?

Pre-approval for a Jumbo Loan with Better Mortgage is just as fast and easy as it is with any other type of loan. As with a conforming loan, pre-approval for a Jumbo Loan is determined with our online pre-approval application, which will ask you to provide information on your household income, debts, and assets, and will run a soft credit check (which won’t impact your score). Keep in mind, there are some differences between Jumbo and conforming loans when it comes to the full underwriting and approval process — for example, if the purchase price is above $1.5M you may be required to get two appraisals on the home. But pre-approval can still be done in as little as three minutes, helping you secure a pre-approval letter immediately and giving you a better chance of having the winning bid on the home of your choice.