What is Better Mortgage?

Published July 22, 2016
by Better

Have you ever wondered why buying or refinancing a home is so outdated and complex? You’re not alone. Millions of people go through the mortgage process each year. It is a cornerstone of our economy. Families everywhere build their lives around this asset. For almost everyone, their home represents the biggest financial transaction of their lives.

And yet the mortgage industry is so far behind.

  • It’s behind on technology. The best-in-class origination software was written in the ‘90s.
  • It’s needlessly unclear. Got that PUD / Condo Cert request? How about your VVOE or WVOE?
  • Worst of all, it’s not very user-friendly. Why does it take so many phone calls just to get pre-approved?

Everywhere we look we see legacy infrastructure, needless middlemen, and frustrating pain points. It’s clear that the process doesn’t work for the busy, modern-day, mobile consumer.

Some lenders pretend as if the internet doesn’t even exist.

We launched Better Mortgage with the goal of building a fundamentally different mortgage company; one that is simple, transparent, and completely online. Consumers are clamoring for a simpler mortgage experience. We believe better technology is the way.

At Better Mortgage, we’re bringing mortgages into the 21st century.

First we assembled a world-class engineering team. Our team hails from places like Google, Microsoft, and Spotify. Then we acquired an existing mortgage bank and rebuilt it from the ground up, rewriting traditional assumptions at every step.

Since we are a technology company at heart, our team is constantly improving the process as we learn from our customers.

Today we’re proud to offer a fully re-engineered mortgage experience that puts users first. In 2016, no one should have to play phone tag. No one should have to fax a document. And no one should have to pay thousands of dollars in commission to a loan officer who mostly slows the process down.

So what does that mean for you?

0% commission

Communicate on your terms. Work with our non-commissioned Mortgage Experts by chat, phone, email, or even text — we won’t call you unless you need us to (unless it’s really urgent). At Better Mortgage, you work with support, not sales.

100% online

Complete the entire process online — make progress 24/7. Nothing should slow you down.

Be efficient and paper-free. Save time by e-signing documents, linking bank accounts, and securely uploading files.

3-minute pre-approval

What used to take weeks now takes minutes. With Better Mortgage, applying for a pre-approval for a refinance or new mortgage only takes 3 minutes. And it won’t affect your credit score.

 A Better Mortgage is a Modern Mortgage. Get Pre Approved Now

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