Shopping strategies, panic-pricing, and backyard benjamins

Published June 8, 2022
by Better

Shop smarter as bidding wars subside

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Rising interest rates are causing some people to hit pause on their home search—and their hesitation is your opportunity. As competition cools and more listings go live, determined buyers are looking at a more level playing field for the first time in years. How should this shift in the market impact your shopping strategy?

Just a couple months ago, buyers were in a less advantageous position. The market was flooded with a surplus of highly motivated buyers and a shortage of available listings. The result? Bidding wars aplenty! Because of the cutthroat competition, many buyers were willing to waive critical contingencies in an effort to make their offer as attractive as possible.

Contingencies are conditions that need to be met before a sale is finalized—they can include things like mortgage contingencies, appraisals, home inspections, and repairs. Contingencies offer a way for buyers to mitigate risk and in general, waiving them is a no-no. As bidding wars begin to subside this summer, buyers likely won’t have to make as many major concessions to stand out to sellers.

TL;DR? Waiving a home inspection or an appraisal to win a bidding war might have made sense in some cases. But as more inventory hits the market and interest rates diminish buyer competition, you can afford to hold strong on contingencies. Really want to maximize your advantage in the coming months? Have your pre-approval in hand and be ready to make your first offer your best.

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Sellers, make sure the price is right

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Interest rates and active listings are on the rise. As these factors begin to stem the tide of uber-eager buyers, some sellers might be wondering if they should reduce the price tag on their property to stand out. While it might be tempting, underpricing your home is a mistake that can have big consequences. Rather than panic-pricing, use these tips to make sure your listing is competitive:

  • Speak with multiple real estate agents.
    The best real estate agent isn’t necessarily the one who claims they can sell your house for the highest price. Interview multiple real estate agents and find one familiar with your neighborhood. Sometimes local expertise can mean the difference between closing fast and sitting on the market for months as interest rates continue to rise and buyers lose interest.

  • Get a Competitive Market Analysis.
    CMAs can provide a real-time snapshot of homes currently listed in your area, ones that have recently sold, and expired listings. This info will give you a realistic composite if you want to price your home slightly lower than similar homes that sold recently in your neighborhood.

  • Make an informed choice based on knowledge, not fear.
    If you’re like most sellers, you’re probably planning to buy your next home with the money you make selling your current one—so this transaction impacts your future shopping budget as well. Even though buyer demand has fallen, it remains above pre-pandemic levels. In other words? Don’t panic! And especially don’t let panic inform your pricing strategy.

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Pool your money this summer

Just because you’re not ready to sell your home right now doesn’t mean you can’t turn a profit with your property...

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