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Terrell Mackey

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Terrell Mackey Real Estate Agent

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I’m a front-line champion for any team I’m assigned to. I pride myself on working on projects that start from the ground up. My intention in everything I put my heart into falls into my core value of building a cherished legacy. I always want to be remembered for my dedication to executing above what’s required of me with honor, skill, swagger, and tenacity.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I’ve lived on both coasts. Now, I’m in north Jersey, where I’m having a great time living the life of a Realtor and taking advantage of the opportunities New York City has to offer. After college, I worked for record labels, helping relocate newly signed musicians into luxury apartment living. After that, I earned my real estate license and, as I caught my groove, I began to grow a passion for it. I love making people smile and have a good time while helping them make great decisions.
My favorite part about working with clients is knowing that I’m helping them forge their path for their own legacy. I’m also gratified when I can make a great situation out of a not so great one. I like to help people get on the right track towards choosing a home.

In my personal life, I love hiking on local trails, sampling all of the amazing cuisine in the area, and exploring the many markets within walking distance. One of my favorite areas is Port Imperial, with its amazing lifestyle and the ability to get into the city at a moments notice.

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