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We’re proud of our pledge to hire 5,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025 to help with our mission of making homeownership more accessible for all Americans. Sign up to learn more.

A team working together
A team working together

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I vividly remember my first day out of the military and how it took me about a full year to acclimate back to civilian life. One of the biggest challenges for vets is that employers hire based on resumes and college degrees and not real world experience. And yet, the time management skills, ability to learn and rapidly adapt are all key attributes that vets possess.

I’ve had the privilege of being part of a team with unrelenting energy and desire to accomplish a mission. These are all key traits the military instills that would truly benefit any hyper-growth startup like Better Mortgage, arguably more so than a college degree.

–Andrew Kilburn,

Strategic Partnership Manager at Better Mortgage,HM2 with the United States Navy

I joined Better Mortgage in 2017, and found myself in a very familiar environment with nothing but driven people possessing a strong sense of esprit de corps. My skills related to improvising, adapting, and overcoming were a necessity and were genuinely valued by the team. There was — and still is — a strong sense of camaraderie that has truly helped me flourish and excel here.

–Mike Nguyen,

Senior Engineer at Better Mortgage,Corporal with the Marine Corps Infantry, First Battalion, 8th Regiment

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