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List your home now. Our next 1,000 sellers pay $0 commission.

We’re selling 1,000 Dallas homes for 0% commission.¹ Compare that to the 6% you’d normally pay, and you could save $30k on a $500k sale. Join our free VIP pilot program to get started.

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Sellers are already saving thousands

“Using Better Real Estate saved me $29,000 when selling my home!”

Alex D.

Better Real Estate customer

“My local agent went above & beyond and was always ready to provide guidance & solutions to any problems that popped up.”

John O.

Better Real Estate customer

“The time, care, and attention Better provided through both the selling and purchase of my homes was nothing short of fantastic.”

Natasha J.

Better Real Estate customer

Close faster with more money in your pocket

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  • Keep up to 6% more from your sale

    With 0% agent commission, you could pocket as much as $30k more on a $500k sale.¹

  • Sell your home 2.5x faster

    Our average listing sells in 15 days. That’s 23 days faster than the industry average.

  • Meet pre-approved cash buyers

    We work with thousands of pre-approved buyers. Plus, we can help them make cash offers and close in as few as 7 days.²

  • Buying too? We make it easy.

    We can help you make a no-fee cash offer² on your next home, buy before you sell, and close on time—guaranteed.³

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    Talk to an agent in your neighborhood

    Just tell us how to reach you and a Better Real Estate Agent will reach out within 24 hours talk through your options.
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    Make your home stand out with expert help

    Attract higher offers with professional photography and virtual 3-D tours. We provide these services at no extra cost to you.
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    Sell your home your way

    Sell to a pre-approved Better buyer for free. Or list on the open market. Either way, you save thousands.

Attract higher offers from more buyers with virtual 3D tours

  • Sell at a 4-9% higher price
  • Decrease time on market by up to 31%
  • 90% of buyers prefer listings with a 3D tour
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Compare us to the competition

    Better Real Estate

    Traditional brokerages

  • Listing fee



  • Buyer side commission



  • List exclusively or on the open market

    Analog process with risk of human error

  • Pre-approved cash buyers

    Are impossible to reach when you need them

  • Appraisal guarantee

    Have disorganized, slow, confusing process

  • Closing guarantee

    Have disorganized, slow, confusing process

  • Average days on market



List your home now. Our next 1,000 sellers pay 0% commission.

Get started now

List your home now. Our next 1,000 sellers pay 0% commission.

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  • What's the catch?

    No catch—really! With real estate, mortgage lending, and insurance services all under the Better umbrella, we’re able to keep our costs low and pass the savings to you. And because our agents don’t rely on commission from your home sale to make money, you save on fees, too.
  • How much will I save with an exclusive listing 
versus selling on the open market?

    There are two ways to sell your home with us. If you use our exclusive listings program and sell to a Better buyer, you’ll save 6% of your sale price.¹ If you sell to another buyer on the open market, you’ll still save 3% on your listing fee, but you’ll need to pay the buyer’s agent 3% commission. Talk to your agent to decide which option is best for you.
  • What about “the fine print?”

    We operate under the same licensing requirements and legal obligations as any other realtor. You can read our terms of service here, and we’re always here to answer your questions thoroughly and honestly.

¹ Better Match Terms and Conditions. See here

² Better Cash Offer Terms and Conditions. See here

³ Better Closing Guarantee Terms and Conditions. See here