Our goal

We believe home finance should be better for all Americans. It should be fast, transparent, and low-cost. Better’s mission is to make that happen.

This is a huge, important part of our economy. Housing overall is a $23 trillion business, and mortgages account for $13 trillion. Yet home finance operates in the same way it has for decades — through opaque systems and expensive intermediaries whose interests are misaligned with consumers’.

That’s why Better is re-engineering the home finance process from the ground up. We’re using technology to make it faster and more efficient, and humans to help make it friendly and enjoyable.

Please join us in making home finance better.

Leadership team

Vishal Garg
Vishal Garg, CEO
  • MyRichUncle, Founder
  • 1/0 Capital, Founder
Erik Bernhardsson
Erik Bernhardsson, CTO
  • Spotify, Head of Machine Learning
  • Graham Capital, High Frequency Trading
Jerry Selitto
Jerry Selitto, President
  • PHH, CEO
  • DeepGreen, Founder
  • Amerin Guaranty, Founder
Fil Zembowicz
Fil Zembowicz, Product
  • Google Docs, Product Manager
  • Google Maps, Associate Product Manager
Paula Tuffin
Paula Tuffin, CCO
  • CFPB, Head of Enforcement, NY Office, Senior Litigation Counsel
  • Mayer Brown, Partner
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta, International Strategy
  • BlackRock, Alternative Investments
Benjamin Fine
Benjamin Fine, Corporate Finance
  • Blackstone, Alternative Investments
Viral Shah
Viral Shah, Capital Markets
  • Citibank, Structured Products
  • MyRichUncle, Engineering
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson, Strategic Partnerships
  • Provident Funding, Internal Audit and Correspondent Lending
Shawn Low
Shawn Low, Business Operations
  • BCG, North America Technology Advantage Practice

Our equity investors

Company timeline


Founders started a company with the goal of re-engineering the mortgage process.

Partnered with Avex Funding, a California originator specializing in prime conforming and jumbo mortgages for over 10 years.


Acquired partner mortgage originator Avex Funding.

Developed investor rules engine to algorithmically match borrowers and mortgage products to over 10 large institutional investors.

Began working with borrowers directly online without commissioned loan officers.

Funded first 100%-digital loan with no borrower phone communication.


Launched as better.com.

Closed $30 million in Series A funding.

Approved as a Fannie Mae seller/servicer and established relationships with 17 top mortgage investors.


Closed $15 million in Series B funding with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.

Introduced the one-day verified pre-approval letter.


You become part of the story by joining thousands of happy Better borrowers.

Our thinking

Why a no-cost mortgage has historically been the best choice for most borrowers

If you refinance or sell your home in the average timeframe, taking lender credits to offset your closing costs (a.k.a., a no-cost mortgage) will save you money in comparison to paying points.

5 reasons why paying loan officer commission is bulls#!t

Mortgage loan officers typically get paid 1% of the total loan amount. We explore the reasons why paying commission is bad for consumers. And we offer an alternative — Better Mortgage doesn’t charge loan officer commission, ever.