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At Better Mortgage, we treat you like you.

You’re different than every other homebuyer, which means your budget is, too. That’s why our affordability estimator isn’t one-size-fits-all.


How we determine your home purchasing power.

Our affordability estimator asks about your unique financial scenario up front. After you put in accurate information, you’ll get a more accurate look at how much house you can afford.

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Find out what your maximum monthly payments and overall homebuying budget could be. Then you’re even more prepared for your home search.

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*For illustrative purposes only. The affordability estimator uses information you provide to calculate your estimate.


Their mortgage platform and process helped us win the house in an uber-tight seller’s market. They also have tools and resources that clearly explain it for newbies.

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The rates and closing costs they provided were much better. Based on my experience I will definitely be recommending Better to all of my contacts!

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Great experience. You are guided through each phase of the process and assigned an expert in the area to answer your questions or concerns.

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Get a personalized look at your home purchasing power.

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