Consolidate Debt

I'm consolidating debt

Save money long term by consolidating your high interest rate loans and debts into a single lower interest rate home loan.

Why would I use a mortgage to consolidate debt?


How long it takes

  • 3 minutes to determine if you qualify
  • 30 minutes to lock a rate
  • 30 days to pay off your debts

What you’ll get

  • Rate lock, any time
  • An instant Loan Estimate
  • The Better Price Guarantee

Who this is for

  • You want to consolidate other debts into a single, more affordable payment
  • You have student debt at a high interest rate
  • You have credit cards you haven't been able to pay off

The Better Price Guarantee

We’re confident our prices are better. If you’ve found a more competitive offer, we’ll beat it.

Better Price Guaranteed
$ 2,000,000,000

$2.0 Billion

In total funded loans. Thousands of our customers have benefited from our low pricing and great customer service.

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