Our mission

Derigging the mortgage game.

What’s the problem

The status quo is broken.

You can’t trust the mortgage process. It is opaque and stressful. Fees are not transparent and some of them are simply outrageous in size. Commission structures incentivize sales, not support. The system is setup to benefit the insiders — not you.

“The mortgage industry operates as if the internet does not exist.” - Vishal Garg, CEO

What we’re doing

Rebuilding the mortgage process

We are singularly focused on changing the way Americans get a mortgage. Step-by-step we are taking apart the old mortgage infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology.

Available 24/7

Our site is available nights and weekends, not only during bankers’ hours.

24-hour verified pre-approval

We’ll tell qualified applicants exactly how much they can borrow in less than a day.

Instant loan estimate

Don’t wait three days to know what you’ll owe. We’ll give you a loan estimate in seconds.

Radical transparency

Our online portal allows you to see exactly where you are in the process every step of the way.

No commission

We're trying to get you into the best loan possible to meet your needs, not to reach our bottom line.

No origination fees

We’re not like cell phone companies who charge you a fee at the end of the process to hook it all up.

Honest rate quotes

No bait-and-switch. No hidden fees. No BS.

On-demand rate lock

Lock your rate when you're ready, not when your bank is ready.

No cold calls

We don’t think harrassing sales calls make for a good experience, do you?

Bank account integration

Just log into your bank account with our integration, and we'll take care of the rest.

Where we’re going

We’re just getting started. We won’t rest until you can get a mortgage in one day at no cost.

Why it matters

The $13 Trillion Problem

Mortgages are a $13 trillion industry.

For such a massive and critical industry, home finance has avoided technological advancement for decades. Traditional systems are confusing and slow, and they aren’t aligned with your best interests.

Our platform puts you in the driver seat, providing you with full transparency into the process and saving you time that would have been wasted through inefficient and sloppy practices.

We’re making it better.

The press has taken note

Here are just some of the publications that have covered Better