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If you want to buy a house and you haven't have been stockpiling gold bricks, you’ll probably need a loan. Our pre-approval process gives you a reliable estimate of what you can afford in just 3 minutes.

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Borrowers with great credit and stable income can get a mortgage with as little as 5% down. This can be financially sound option, allowing you to start building equity in your home sooner.

The problem with most mortgage lenders is that they profit from the status quo.

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At Better we don’t pay our loan consultants commissions, so their incentives are aligned with yours. We vet and verify your finances within hours, not weeks. And we’re 100% online.

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Bruno & Sabrina
Home purchase in San Francisco, CA
Being able to get pre-approved through Better.com really gave us a significant advantage over other buyers, the seller felt much more confident working with us.
Home purchase in Hamden, CT
The verified pre-approval process was very quick, which enabled me to put in an offer the same day I started the pre-approval process. Another offer came in right after mine, so I would have lost the house if the process took longer.
Home purchase in Seattle, WA
It is very refreshing to deal with a company that delivers exactly what they say they will. They were very personable and treated me like a long time customer. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends or family.

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