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At Better, there are three numbers that matter:



The lower the ratio, the easier it is to qualify.
Tell us about your income and your monthly debt payments.



How much you put down has an impact on your loan product.
Tell us how much you have to put down.


Credit Score

The better the score, the more options you have.
Get your FICO4 credit score for free.
*Will not impact your score

In 3-minutes, Better’s pre-approval can help you discover how much you can afford and what you can do to save more on your mortgage.

Had a great experience with Better Mortgage... Definitely did not feel like I was being sold a product and was provided with a great first time buyer option... From the pre-approval letter to closing, nothing but positive things out of Better Mortgage, truly lived up to its name.

I looked into Better and liked that they don't pay commissions or charge origination fees (what a huge waste of money), my closing costs were 50% less than other quotes I received. Who can't use a few thousand dollars in savings?

This is what a mortgage should be. No pushy, aggressive sales people. No outdated Word docs to fill out. Easy web site to collect all the documentation. Super responsive and transparent support team.

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