Complete your pre-approval

Pick up where you left off to get a better estimate for how much house you can afford.

1. How does a pre-approval tell me what I can afford?

A lot of online calculators claim that they can tell you how much you can afford, but only an actual lender can give you an accurate estimate of how much you can afford. That’s because Better is able to tell you with confidence how much you’ll actually be able to borrow by pre-approving you online in 3 minutes.

2. How does Better calculate what I can afford?

We use your self-reported property information, income, and assets as well as a soft credit pull (with your SSN) to match you with real underwriting criteria and pricing. Reminder: a soft credit pull does not affect your credit score. We use bank-level security to keep your personal information safe.

3. What if I’m not ready to start home shopping?

No problem! You can use this tool to explore your options based on different hypothetical situations in your future. When you are ready to start actively shopping for houses, you can edit your pre-approval letter as much as you want based on the houses you’re looking at.