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Better Mortgage is a digital lender putting borrowers in control of homeownership. We’re making mortgages affordable, transparent, and fair with intuitive online tools and unbiased, expert guidance. That starts with zero commissions, zero lender fees, and zero processing fees — saving customers an average of $3,500 in fees alone.

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Called "Better" for a reason. The entire process is done online (very simple!), yet, each of the agents is extremely accessible. Their closing costs and rates are unbeatable!!!

I didn't quite know what to expect from a 100% online process, but it was great. The online application process was very transparent, at any time I could see what phase of the process the loan was in, what documents were under review, what documents I still had to provide or were pending review.

I was very pleased with all aspects of Better. They had the lowest rates I found and were surprisingly responsive. I could not have been more pleased. In fact, they were more responsive than the local agents. I would strongly suggest them.