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Having a design and architectural background, rehabbing or renovating older homes, along with new designs and builds, Real Estate Development has always been a passion for me. I have been involved with Real Estate for more than 30 years, and as an agent for 6. Having been born, raised and educated in Chicago, I have a deep understanding and kinship to this city, and having been a courier in a past life, I have first hand knowledge about the surrounding areas. I truly enjoy helping new home buyers navigate the city while imparting my unique knowledge and perspective on what may be a good home for them. Since the city of Chicago has such diverse and abundant architectural styles, there is something for everyone! I myself, being a big Mid Century Modern fan, like to spend a lot of my time hunting them down in the city and North Shore suburbs, and yes, I do live in one too! There is a good chance that you would see me showing up for a home tour on my Vespa, weather permitting, which is my favorite mode of transportation. With it being the "new kid on the block", I look forward to making Better a household name here in the Chicago market!

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