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Originally from the historic city of Bucharest, I cultivated my passion for real estate while watching my family build and develop properties throughout Romania. With prior years of experience in the service industry, I was able to make a natural transition to residential sales. My penchant for service and customer-driven approach brought me to Better. I felt instantly aligned with their mission to provide the best client experience along with making homeownership more accessible.

As a realtor, I’m there throughout the process to help my clients find their dream home and guide them along the way. My favorite part about helping my clients is negotiating the best deal for them. I work for their best interest at all times.

I established roots in the United States by way of New Jersey, before making my transition to Manhattan. I fell so completely in love with the monumental architecture that lines the streets of Downtown Manhattan that I decided to invest and purchase property in the Financial District, where I have been residing for over a decade. In the Financial District, everything is at your fingertips.

I speak fluent Romanian, French, and English, and obtained a Masters in Business Management and Leadership at CUNY. When I’m not out enjoying the best of what the city has to offer, you will see me striding through the streets of Manhattan on my iPhone, working on my next deal. I also love traveling, fitness, and snuggling with my rescue Pekinese dog from Romania. Feel free to reach out to me today to discuss your unique real estate needs.

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