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In Cuba, where my family fled when I was a child, no one was allowed to own real estate. That never sat right with me, and it’s what drove me to buy my first property in the United States when I was in my 20s. As the years went on, I became a registered investment advisor and a real estate investor, pursuing REITs, alternative investments, structured products, foreign private placement using commercial real estate, and other endeavors. It was great financially but offered little emotional return on investment — I just didn’t have a passion for it like I do for residential real estate and working one-on-one with clients. I decided to work exclusively in residential real estate. I wanted to help people do what the people in my home country couldn’t: own a home. Once I started down this path, I’ve never looked back. No REIT transaction compares to the satisfaction of handing over the house keys to the new owners after a closing. I look forward to working with you and showing you the ins and outs of what makes the Orlando area a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

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He was fantastic to work with, and truly cared about finding the best property for me. He went the extra mile to negotiate prices and execute on the property I wanted, even if it was outside of his scope, or the seller was extremely difficult to deal with. I'd recommend Marcos 10 times out of 10. Overall, great gu...

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